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Car hire Seville

Seville - Downtown

Due to its long and rich history Seville posses am important monumental and artistic patrimony. Within religious architecture Seville is one of the cities with the mayor number of churches and convents. With the celebration of the Universal Exposition in 1992, the artistic patrimony keeps growing and embellishing the city even more.

Civil architecture
The architecture in Seville is of a great beauty and very varied, as it had been chosen by many cultures as capital of their kingdoms. After the discovery of America Seville turned into the most important port in Europe. Due to this important role in history, there were built relevant buildings like the Torre del Oro, Alcázar, Ayuntamiento, Archivo de Indias, Palacio de San Telmo, Fábrica de Tabaco and others.

Religious architecture
Seville is a city with a great number of churches of great beauty that preserve in their walls true art pieces. Many of these churches were built on top of former mezquitas and synagogues.

In Seville we find Museums of great quality, not only because of their contents but because they are placed in buildings of great beauty and historic importance.

The bridges of Seville
The river Guadalquivir is one of the most important elements of Seville and thanks to it many cultures have settled here and have left their traditions and culture. The river is crossed by bridges of different styles constructed in different phases of the city´s history.

The river Guadalquivir
The Muslims called the river "Great River", which is the meaning of the river Guadalquivir: Wadi-al- kabir. Since the discovery of the New World the harbor of Seville acquired an incomparable importance as receptor of all the traffic with the new continent. Seville moreover has to offer a wide complementary range of attractions both for adults and children: The Theme Park Isla Mágica, based in Seville of the 16th century, during the epoch of the discovery of America; the Pabellón de la Energía Viva, the sole museum for Energy and Environment in Europe; The Parque Acuático, the aquatic park for some refreshments; and several children's parks as for instance the New Park, Camelot Park, Chiqui Park, Puerto Perico or Playpark.

In the beautiful surrounding villages you can as well enjoy other Parks being in contact with nature, as for instance the Reserva Natural del Castillo de las Guardas where you can learn about different Ecosystems. The animals from five continents can be seen in natural surroundings. In Guillena is situated Mundo Park with a botanical Park, Zoo, attractions and shows. Seville is a joyful city and passionate about life, with an animated nightlife due to its climate and its people.

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