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Girona - Downtown

If you don't visit these places, you haven't seen Girona:

Jewish Quarter
In the middle of medieval alleyways and passages you find the "Judería", where live a reduced Jewish community until the end of the 14th century. It is one of the best conserved medieval nuclei of whole Europe.

Cathedral of Girona
The cathedral of Girona or Santa Maria, constructed in between the 16th and the 18th century shows 4 different architectural styles: Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It has the mayor gothic nave in the world, being the second largest, only behind the Cathedral San Pedro in The Vatican.

Houses of the Oñar River
Very characteristic of Gerona are the hanging houses above the river Oñar. These picturesque houses constructed throughout the centuries alongside the river offer a splendid image of a little mediterranean city. All the frontages are painted following the chromatic palette conferred by the painter Narcis Comadira.

Rambla de la Libertad
Being the centre of the medieval Gerona, this is the busiest and most emblematic public space. Nevertheless, the existence of the street itself has a the recent date of 1885, when the whole space was converted into a promenade with Linden trees and banks to sit on. Actually, the rambla is the entrance point to the old quarter and a nice place for walks.

Bridges over the river Oñar
One of the main problems throughout history has been the necessity of uniting the two parts of the city separated by the river Oñar. For that reason, the bridges had a fundamental role in the development of the city. Actually none of the original medieval bridges is left and the majority of the constructions are contemporary. Of these, stand out four: the Bridge of stone from 1849, the Bridge of iron (constructed by the company that constructed the Eiffel Tower), the Gomes Bridge (1916) and the Viaducto of the railway (1876).

Buzz Special recommendation:
Wanderings alongside old railways
In ancient times /formerly the train of Olot united the city and the interior of the region with Girona. The part of this railway line is known as "Ruta del Carrilat" and nowadays it is a "green way" for the lovers of nature and tourists that are keen on bicycle. Once more you will have to leave your hired car and travel the 57 kilomtres (35.4 miles) on two wheels. But the beauty of the surroundings has an undoubted attractiveness and you will be accompanied by the music of the rivers Fluvià, Brugent and Ter. Forests, valleys and mountains compose the landscape of this large outing that can last several hours or a whole day, depending on the wishes of each visitor. Alongside the path that starts from Olot and finishes in the city centre of Girona, you can eat and rest in several restaurants; but with good weather a picnic will be the best way of enjoying the natural surrounding along this green route.

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